Karuna of Divine Fire Yoga

About Karuna


Karuna is known for his authentic teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Trained and educated in the traditional teachings of Himalayan Yoga, he weaves thought-provoking meditations and transformative Pranayama practices throughout his classes. He applies this ancient wisdom to our contemporary world in a practical and understandable way.


Karuna encourages growth of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual Self. 

His teachings provide a deep perspective in our connection to each other, and the operations of the life and the universe at large. 

My Story

In 2017, I moved to Portland Oregon after spending most of my life in the small Tennessee town where I grew up. Many of the younger years of my life were filled with pain and suffering. I grew up in a broken foster care system and often bounced around from place to place seeking love and acceptance. Once I got older, I realized many of the poor situations and abuse I had been subject to as a child had caused me to become depressed and confused as an adult, while at one point losing my will to live. I was struggling to stay motivated; to find the drive just to get out of bed and go to work every day. I gave up the years I had previously put into my music career and subsequent relationships/friendships and walked away from it all.


Rebuilding myself through therapy and my own hard work were all necessary, but deep down, I felt a stronger call to learn how I could fully shake the grip my past experiences had on my life and learn the meaning of true happiness, contentment, self love, and acceptance. I left everything to search the world for the Elixir that would remedy my damaged Soul,

my proverbial Philosopher's Stone.


I sought out various paths and disciplines that taught physical and mental transformation. For years I studied philosophy, practiced ceremonial magick, herbalism, and expressed myself through various mediums of art, literature, science, and music, but nothing had quite the profound impact on my life like Yoga did.

In 2018, I began learning and practicing the techniques of Meditation and Pranayama in some of the occult circles I was involved with. I began plunging the depths of Self discovery, and understanding myself, my thoughts, and my emotions, on a level like I'd never experienced before. Shortly after, I discovered physical Asana practice as a means of allowing me to sit comfortably for long periods of time in transcendental meditation releasing the energetic trauma stored in my body. I quickly fell in love with the transmutational power of Yoga, and my relationship with my Self and the world have blossomed ever since.


I travelled deep inside myself and outside of myself, and had rich, profound experiences which have changed my life forever. I developed my relationship universe, and asked for true guidance on the path of spiritual wisdom and understanding. I was soon found by a loving Guru in Northeast India who initiated me into the rich and expansive Himalayan traditions of Yoga.


My goal in life is to share the esoteric teachings and experiences that were given to me, and which helped me on my path, so that anyone who seeks Truth may also walk the golden road to Self discovery and find their Stone of Enlightenment. I am an RYT-500 with the Yoga Alliance. I'm also a Certified Breath Coach and Meditation Instructor. I have trained extensively in the traditions of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga, Tantra and Kundalini.

It was deep in a Tantric Meditation one afternoon where I had a powerful vision. I saw myself meditating while floating in a vast endless space. This empty space had no visible light, yet I could see myself clearly as if there were a light shining on me. After sitting for some time observing myself, the layers of my clothing suddenly began to strip away from my body. After this came the removal of my physical body, my energetic body, and then my glittering body of intelligence. With every layer that stripped away the light grew brighter and more profound. All that remained was a blinding and radiant flame whose light stretched infinitely in every direction. I felt a warm and loving sensation, as if this was my essence and that I was looking at my true Self for the first time. It felt calming and powerful - loving, vicious, and dynamic all in the same moment. It felt as if the flame I was observing was eternal - as if it were the only true thing that had ever existed. I realized it was the source of light which had illuminated my floating body before. I saw myself in this Divine Flame and ever since that day, this image has been with me in conscious life and in deep unconscious states. I formed Divine Fire Yoga as an homage to that divine flame within myself and within all of us -

the luminous, numinous Spirit.


I'm always seeking new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

OM Tat Sat

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